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Water wave

H2O4U offers an extensive line of water conditioners and purification products to exceed your water treatment requirements.


Conditioners are specifically made for hard, iron-bearing water in order to reduce scale formation on surfaces and staining or discoloring of laundry and fixtures.​​

  • Eliminates staining associated with iron​
  • Protects dishwashers and washing machines​
  • Use up to 75% less soaps, shampoos and cleaners​​

Added benefits:

  • Ease of household cleaning​ 
  • Softer, healthier skin​
  • Smoother shaving with less irritation​ 
  • Fluffier, brighter laundry​
  • Longer lasting appliances​


Refiners are designed to treat municipal water by removing both hardness and chlorine with a mixed bed of cation resin and granular activated carbon.

Chlorine Removal

Chlorine is used primarily as a disinfectant and is often added to public water supplies. It is therefore ingested via tap water and may be inhaled and absorbed through the skin during showering.

Chlorine can be harmful because it reacts with other naturally-occurring elements such as leaves and vegetation to form trihalomethanes, known carcinogens.

Eliminating chlorine from your water will:

  • Improve the taste of your water
  • Reduce the risk of certain cancers
  • Results in softer, healthier skin and hair


This filter system will remove clear water iron, red water iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese from your water. The system uses a greensand media which first oxidizes and then filters out the iron and sulphur. It uses a potassium permanganate solution to restore the oxidizing powers of the greensand.

Sulphur is notable for its peculiar (rotten egg) odor.

Chemical Iron and Sulphur Filters

UV systems disinfect water by allowing a narrow band of the ultraviolet spectrum to prevent micro-organisms from multiplying by disrupting their DNA. This process makes the water safe from pathogens without altering the water's taste or composition. Regular lamp replacement and proper pre-treatment are essential to the effectiveness of UV systems.

Service Needed?

  • No obligation quotes based on your specific water problems​
  • Professional installations​
  • Regular annual maintenance​
  • Multi point system inspection​
  • Free water testing in your home or in our shop​
  • Repairs of all water systems​
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